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Fernand is a productivity machine because it’s the culmination of hundreds of design decisions, engineering optimisations and just the right mix of features to create an unrivaled experience.

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Thanks for reaching out. I’ve looked into it with our technical team, and it appears you currently don’t have any live DNS records for your domain: domain

DNS propagation can occasionally take up to 48 hours to complete after changes are made.

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Designed and optimized for SaaS.Not enterprise, not eCommerce.

You are using Stripe, aren’t you? Yep - we all do. With Fernand, you can finally harness all the power of Stripe straight from your customer support tool. No more back and forth between tabs.

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I lost my password, can you help me?
A few minutes ago via email
@Jaredcan you look into that, please?
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Fernand is crafted to be incredibly calm.Helps increase focus and reduce procrastination.

We’ve designed Fernand by using techniques derived from cognitive bias modification approaches and gamification principles to give people a powerful tool to cope with procrastination and anxiety.

A delight for the eyes. Optimized for dark mode

Match Fernand to your preferred appearance setting and reduce eye strain.

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