Our philosophy
Make work calmer, kinder and faster.

We're Antoine and Cyril, a duo of founders that have launched, grown, and operated bootstrapped SaaS businesses for the last 10+ years.

Over time, we understood that delivering amazing customer support was one of the keys to success for bootstrapped companies because it helped us understand how customers were actually experiencing the service firsthand. As technical founders ourselves, we had the luxury to take that feedback in and make adjustments on our products directly.

We’ve tried every service under the sun, but, after a while, we grew increasingly annoyed that out of the bazillion customer support tools available on the market, none were actually focusing on delivering the best user experience for the people spending hours at it every day.

They all promised « stats » and « graphs » to track your employee « productivity », always-on « live chats » that gave customers the impression you’d need to answer within seconds, overwhelming 5-column layouts with « everything at hand » or worse: the promised revolution of « chatbots » which customers typically despise.

We'd had enough, and so we tasked ourselves with building the customer support tool we would like to use. It would be calm yet incredibly snappy, obstinately opinionated to help form better habits, and focused on building the most magical customer support experience we could.

We’re just getting started.

Antoine & Cyril

Our team

We're a tiny 2-person startup working 100% remote and async-first.
Antoine Minoux portrait
Antoine Minoux Founder + Product designer Hamburg, Germany
Cyril Nicodème portrait
Cyril Nicodème Founder + Engineer Belfort, France

Want to join us? We're flattered, but we're not hiring at the moment.

Every hire we make will be carefully funded by our current revenue - in order to avoid following the pattern of VC-funded companies that cut their team in half at the first rough patch. Call us old-fashioned, but we'll only spend what we can and grow reasonably.

Hey, but why "Fernand"?

Fernand was the name of Antoine's grandfather who passed away in 2011. He worked as a postman, and spent most of his career walking dozen of kilometers up and down the mountain nearby the Orbey valley in Alsace, France.

Rain or shine, he would deliver letters to people - sometimes being the only person that these villagers would see all day. This is what we're aiming to be at our humble scale: a stable, trustworthy way to deliver your customer messages and have you respond back to them. Simple.

This is a small tribute to his life.

Fernand Minoux, postman in Orbey, Alsace - France
Map of Orbey, Alsace - France
Fernand illustration calm